Contributing to jCarousel

Reporting issues

Please read the following guidelines before opening any issue:

  1. Search for existing issues. Maybe someone else has reported the same issue and it may have already been resolved with a fix available.
  2. Create an isolated and reproducible test case. When you are experiencing a problem, the most useful thing you can do is to provide a reduced test case. This makes it much easier to isolate and fix the offending code. Bugs that are reported without reduced test cases generally take much longer to fix than bugs that are submitted with them, so you really should try to do this if at all possible.
  3. Include a live example. Make use of JSFiddle or Codepen to share your isolated test cases.

Pull requests

Pull requests are always welcome. But please note that i'm trying to keep the jCarousel core as small as possible. Before adding new features, it's probably a good idea to open an issue first and discuss it.

Pull request guidelines:

  • Follow the coding style used in jCarousel.
  • Keep your patches small and simple.
  • Use a topic branch and open the pull request against the master branch.